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Our office, lead by Notary Romano Jusand Notary Cristiano Jus, provides consulting and services on all notary subjects both to individual and to corporate clients. We can help you with corporate acts, real estate acts, inheritance, trust constitutions and any other notary activity you may need, by suggesting the most valuable and cost effective solution.

We have English, French and Spanish speakers in the office. If you have any questions or queries or if you need an estimation of fees and costs, please call us or send us an email and we will be happy to help you with all your notary matters.

Ph. +39 0434 520469

Where We Are

Foto dell'ingresso dello studio notarile Jus a Pordenone

Main office in Pordenone, Italy

Our main office is located in the centre of Pordenone, in the north-east part of Italy.
The address is P.le XX Settembre, 9 33170 Pordenone Italy

How to get there:

By car: if you are coming by car we suggest to set up the address Viale Trieste 9 on your GPS system. You will find parking places on the same street.
By train or by bus: we are only 8 minutes far on foot from the Pordenone railway station and bus station.

Ph. +39 0434 520469
Opening hours: MON – FRI 8.30 AM – 7.00 PM (no stop)

Subsidiary office in Fiume Veneto (Pordenone)

Notary Romano Jus has a subsidiary office in Fiume Veneto, not far from Pordenone.
The address is Via Papa Giovanni XXIII n. 8, Fiume Veneto (PN)
Ph. +39 0434 560229
Opening hours: MON – FRI 9.00 AM – 1.00 PM

Areas of Expertise:


  • Assistance for all kinds of real estate transaction, explaining all aspects concerning the rights and obligations of both parties, from the preliminary contract to the deed of sale, offering protection and satisfaction for the interests and expectations of both parties
  • Advice on how to benefit from tax advantages on buying a first home or on the most cost-effective solution to buy other real estate properties
  • Formalization of a mortgage with an Italian bank, carrying out a process of verification to make the document clearer and more comprehensible, identifying and suggesting solutions which may be better suited to the parties and eliminating clauses which may give rise to an unjustifiable contractual imbalance


  • Formalization of legal documents to set up or make changes to a company.
  • Purchase of companies or branches, checks and guarantees
  • Opening, modification and closing of business premises
  • Publicity in the Economic and Administrative Index
  • Leasing


  • Assistance and advice on estate planning in a tax efficient way, drafting the proper deeds: gift, changing your marital property regime, will, etc.
  • Preparation of powers of attorney and deeds to protect vulnerable people


  • Donation of assets or usufructs
  • Barter transactions
  • Usufruct


  • Support to the heirs after the death of their relative by drafting the appropriate deeds, filling the estate tax return and helping reaching a settlement in difficult inheritance cases through a mediation process.
  • Advice and support on fiscal aspects of succession and inheritance
  • Regarding property ownership, advice on the regulations on devolution and succession with particular reference to legitimate succession (governed by law) and/or testamentary succession (governed by the wishes of a person who leaves a will)
  • Advice as to how to draw up a will and a testament in order to ensure that certain desired results are achieved after death
  • Open of last will


  • Confirming acceptance and use of foreign public documents in Italy
  • Certification of Italian documents as true copies of the originals and authentication of signatures

The role of the notary in Italy

A notary, or notaio, in Italy is a public officer to whom the State entrusts the power to confer public trust, i.e. the status of legal proof, to the deeds he draws up.

He operates in every area of civil Law including family Law, inheritance, estate planning, real estate transaction, corporate Law, etc. In Italy notaries have a law degree and, to be allowed to practice the notary profession, they must get through a very rigorous and competitive examination and their number is fixed by the Law.

In performing his function, the notary must, by law, be independent and impartial: he must protect the interests of all parties equally, regardless of who has appointed him. He performs a function of prior control of legality: he has a duty to abide by the law and cannot and must not accept transactions prohibited by law. Thanks to the checks carried out by notaries, in Italy there are essentially no disputes regarding real estate transactions  (only 0.003% give rise to disputes). Finally, the notary collects on behalf of the State taxes associated with all transactions (registration, mortgage and land taxes, etc.).

A public deed is proof:

  • of the origin of the document produced by the public official
  • of the parties' statements made in the document
  • of the other facts that the official states  to have occurred in his presence or have been carried out by him

For this reason, the notary works within the law, with families and businesses to create appropriate legal solutions that satisfy both the law and the aims of both parties , thus discouraging any future litigation. In fact, He ensures that the deed corresponds to the profound will of the parties and implements it effectively, He informs them of the consequences of their undertaking, attempts to achieve contractual equilibrium between the parties to the deed, and oversees adherence to public policy.

For more information please visit the official website of Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato

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